Meet Jean Englund

Meet Jean Englund, LMHC, Pembroke Pines Counselor

Hello, my name is Jean Englund, and I am a Licensed Therapist who specializes in human connection. Individuals seeking a down-to-earth therapist who genuinely receives them as they are ~ ~ ~ Welcome, I am honored to meet you.

With a gentle heart and open mind I meet clients where they are in their struggles. Individuals grappling with isolation are embraced by warmth and empathy. Those seeking guidance through emotional turmoil are welcomed with compassion and acceptance. I provide a healing environment that promotes emotional sharing and continuously nurtures a strong therapeutic relationship.

As a practicing yogi and professional clinician, my therapeutic approach is a balance of traditional and holistic methods. Integrating therapeutic techniques that promote mind-body harmonization provide clients an opportunity to heal all aspects of the self. Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Meditation are cornerstones of my practice. Working to bolster clients’ ability to better handle future challenges, I build upon current strengths and introduce new methods of coping.

Human beings are social creatures by nature, my practice recognizes and honors this. Evidence has shown a correlation between an individual’s mental well being and their feeling of connectedness to others. As a healer in the mental health profession, I pride myself on building professional relationships founded upon respect, trust, and understanding. I believe this is where true healing begins, in the presence of a therapist who forms meaningful connections that facilitate personal development.

Embarking on a healing journey is truly an admirable endeavor, however, it can be an intimidating experience as well. Finding a therapist who resonates with you is an important part of the process, and I hope by gaining insight into my approach you will allow me to be your guide ~ ~ ~

Call 954-378-5381 to schedule your appointment with me today.

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