Signs Your Child May Need Therapy

Signs Your Child May Need Therapy

By: Stephonia Llewellyn

There are specific signs tone child may need therapy.  I  am often asked “how do I know if my child should see a professional?”. It is important to note that it is normal for kids to have ups and downs, but how do you know if your child is struggling with something more serious? And when should you seek professional help?

Here are a few things that if noticed in your child, a call to a local therapist may be warranted.

▪️Your child begins feeling bad about herself or himself, less confident or less effective.

▪️Your child is worrying excessively about the future.

▪️Your child has repetitive, self-destructive behaviors such as hair-pulling or skin-picking.

▪️Your child withdraws from family or friends and the things she or he used to enjoy.

▪️Your child makes comments like “I wish I weren’t here,” or “Nobody would care if I ran away.”

▪️Your child engages in negative behaviors more frequently.

▪️Your child has a significant change in appetite or sleep habits.

▪️ Your child talks about suicide.

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone. If something feels “off”, trust that feeling and get your child evaluated.  You want to make sure the person you work with is a specialist in working with children and teens.  Children do well with therapists who are trained in play therapy or art therapy.  These are the two most common ways therapists will connect with children, especially if they are younger.

Do you see any of these signs in your children?  If so, please reach out to Stephonia and our team and we will be happy to help you during this process.  We have a play room and a lot of tools at our disposal to help your child open up about their feelings.

For support, reach out to Stephonia via our website:

If your child is a teenager, you can find out more about our services here:


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