Couples Therapy

Caring Therapists of Broward offers Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling and Pre-Martial Counseling sessions for couples looking to create a deeper and lasting relationship.  We believe you can have the relationship you have always desire and we are here to help you.  Couples Therapy is a proven strategy that allows couples to stay together, work through their fighting and develop new ways to communicate and connect.

We work with couples who need help with:

  • Communication skills
  • Intimacy and connection
  • Affair recovery
  • Reconnecting sexually
  • Learning your relationship dance

We have found that marriage/couples counseling can save your relationship and we are here to help.

Our couples generally work with our team on a weekly basis to repair your relationship.

At Caring Therapists of Broward, you are going to work with an experienced and trained Relationship Therapist who will help guide you and your partner into finding that passion again in your relationship.

We specialize in working with couples who are:

  • Hispanic and we have a Spanish speaking marriage counselor
  • African American couples
  • LGBTQ couples
  • Newer couples
  • Engaged couples
  • Millenial relationships

Whether you are dating, thinking about getting married, having a 7 year itch or have been married long-term, we will set you up with a Couples’ Counselor that can work with you to save and repair your relationship.

Weekly Couples Counseling:

Couples Therapy can be done every week for one hour to one and a half hours.

Mini-Marriage Bootcamps:

We also offer a 3-hour marriage repair session to help jump start your relationship and get it back on track.  By meeting on a regular basis, both people in the relationship begin to recommit to the relationship and to each other.

Weekend Retreats:

Amanda Patterson, owner of Caring Therapists of Broward, works with The Relationship Center of South Florida on Weekend Retreats for couples.  For more information on our packages for weekend retreats, please visit Relationship Center of South Florida.

To begin working towards happiness, satisfaction and connection in your relationship, Tracy Wallen, our office manager can set you up with a marriage counselor today.  You can reach her at | 954-378-5381.  Our Couple’s Counselors include Amanda Patterson, Jersey Garcia and Ileana Oxley.

We work with couples in Pembroke Pines, Cooper City, Davie, Plantation, Hollywood, Sunshine Ranches and Miramar.

We utilize two main types of couple’s counseling, including Gottman Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling.

Gottman Couples Therapy will focus on “The Four Horseman” in a relationship.  The four horseman include contempt, stonewalling, defensiveness and criticism.  The goal of the Gottman Method is to help clients create closeness in their relationship.  The method does that by using the seven following concepts:

Build Love Maps: This refers to an ongoing awareness of our partners’ worlds as they move through time: how they think and feel, what day-to-day life is like for them, and their values, hopes, aspirations, and stresses.

Express Fondness and Admiration: Couples who function well are able to appreciate and enjoy most aspects of each partner’s behavior and learn to live with differences.

Turn Toward One Another: Conversational patterns of interest and respect, even about mundane topics are crucial to happiness. Couples who turn toward successfully maintain a 20:1 ratio of expressing interest or acknowledgement vs. ignoring conversational gambits. This is referred to as the “Emotional Bank Account.” Couples who are highly successful keep a 5:1 ratio in conflict discussions, even Turning Towards while arguing.

Accept Influence: Members of a couple who take the other partner’s preferences into account and are willing to compromise and adapt are happiest. Being able to yield and maintain mutual influence, while avoiding power struggles, helps couples keep a balance of power that feels reasonable and builds trust.

Solve Problems That Are Solvable: Couples who can find compromise on issues are using five tactics. They soften start up so the beginning of the conversation leads to a satisfactory end. They offer and respond to repair attempts, or behaviors that maintain the emotional connection and emphasize “we/us” over individual needs. They effectively soothe themselves and their partner. They use compromise and negotiation skills. They are tolerant of one another’s vulnerabilities and ineffective conversational habits, keeping the focus on shared concern for the well-being of the relationship.

Manage Conflict and Overcome Gridlock: The Gottman Method helps couples manage, not resolve, conflict. Conflict is viewed as inherent in relationship and doesn’t go away. Happy couples report the majority of their conflicts, 69% are perpetual in nature, meaning they are present throughout the course of time and are dealt with only as needed. These recurrent themes become part of the couple’s shared landscape and are kept in perspective, not dwelt upon.

Create Shared Meaning: Connection in relationship occurs as each person experiences the multitude of ways in which their partner enriches their life with a shared history and helps them find meaning and make sense of struggles.

Amanda Patterson, LMHC, CAP, NCC is trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling.  She completed the externship for EFT.  She helps couples recognize their relationship” dance and ways to create a new and harmonious relationship pattern.

Jersey Garcia, LMFT is trained in Gottman Couples Therapy.  She is passionate about helping couples find their way back in their relationships and marriage.  Jersey speaks Spanish.

Ileana Oxley, a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern, is trained in Gottman Couples Therapy.  She is most excited about working with couples who have struggled with major issues within their marriage.  She speaks Spanish and has a lot of experience in working with couples with sex and intimacy related concerns.

Our team is ready to work with you on your relationship and marriage counseling needs.  We can help you improve your communication.  We can help you learn ways to ask for your needs to be met. We can help you decide on the next steps for your relationships.  We can help you because we care about our clients.  At Caring Therapists of Broward, we have dedicated our practice to helping couples find the happiness they deserve.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. 
– Lao Tzu

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