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Registered Dietitian Davie / Licensed Nutritionist South Florida- JuliENERGYNutrition

I am a nutrition enthusiast. I specialize in improving my client’s relationships with food and their bodies while concentrating on meeting individual nutrition needs and goals. I am a dietitian in Davie.

Food is a non-negotiable. We all have to eat to live, and it is not something we can just give up. Besides our relationships with ourselves, I believe that a positive relationship with food is of the utmost importance…yet positive relationships with food are so hard to come by. If you struggle with your diet, you might have feelings of shame, guilt, and failure around eating and these feelings may actually prevent you from obtaining a comfortable and healthy weight that lasts.

My approach is to provide personalized nutrition counseling based on Intuitive Eating and mindfulness while providing nutrition education and realistic solutions. I use evidence based research as well as functional foods and supplements to support healthy changes for the mind, body and soul. I specialize in wide range of nutrition services including improving relationships with food by overcoming emotional / disordered eating, weight loss counseling, wellness counseling, and disease specific nutrition counseling.

Here at Caring Therapists of Broward, we have the ability to provide nutrition therapy in conjunction with emotional therapy. This has been shown as one of best ways to create an ultimate shift in lifestyle and perspective in order to conquer nutrition goals and sustain them. This interdisciplinary approach can also provide an added relief from many mental illnesses including disordered eating, anxiety, and depression as various aspects of diet can effect and exacerbate these conditions.

I have a very extensive education in Dietetics as I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics from the University of Florida and then continued on at Loyola University Chicago to obtain my Master of Science degree in Dietetics as well. I completed my 1200 hour dietetic internship also at Loyola University Chicago concentrating in public health and being fortunate to have rotations at a variety of places including Wilton Enterprise, the USDA’s Egg Nutrition Center, community health centers, school based health centers, WIC and Loyola University Medical Center. I currently also work in an acute care hospital on Miami Beach where I see a wide range of patients.

As a passionate, creative, and intuitive dietitian in Davie, South Florida, I am confident I can guide you towards dominating your nutritional needs and goals and finally feeling comfortable in your skin!

If you are serious about improving your relationship with food and your body, schedule an appointment today:

Email: JuliENERGYnutrition@gmail.com or Call: 954-655-6543 to schedule an appointment

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