Jersey Garcia
Registered Intern


Hola! I am so happy to meet you …

My name is Jersey Garcia and I am a communicator, positivity enthusiast, and wanna-be humorist who loves to understand and help individuals travel the human experience of relating from a space of self, power, and balance.

Are you feeling overpowered by your sense of guilt in your relationships? Are you engaged in relationships with people that just the thought of seeing them again or having to interact with them, is bringing you a lot of stress and anxiety? Are you feeling embarrassed and disappointed of how you are reacting to and/or relating with the people closest to you? Are you thinking that no matter how hard you try in moving forward in making everything “better,” you are always behind? Are you secretly struggling with who you are and your value in your relationships?

I am here to provide you assistance, guidance and cheer you forward into a life where you find balance, peace of mind, and ease. I have more than 17 yrs working with families in conflict, disenfranchised communities, and individuals ready to bring harmony to their relationships with self and others.

My services are provided in English or in Spanish. I am a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, Certified Family mediator, and hold two Masters degree, one in Public Health with a concentration on Community Education and a Masters in Science, with a concentration on Family Therapy. My professional experience in the areas of wellness and mental health has led me to work with diverse populations, specifically in the areas of trauma; intra-family violence; post-traumatic stress disorder; HIV/AIDS; gay and transgender health; sexuality; families in crisis and addictions.

With sprinkles of humor and utilizing my training in conflict resolution and strength-based therapeutic practices, I will support you in regaining your power in your relationships while uncovering what is keeping you from getting where you want to go and develop actionable solutions to get you there.

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor. – Rumi.

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