Heather Coll, LMHC

Heather Coll is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been licensed in the state of Florida since 2012. Heather’s career began approximately twenty years ago while working with children and adolescents diagnosed with behavioral and clinical disorders and adults diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness and Substance Use Disorders. Heather’s experience includes working in substance abuse treatment centers, mental health and non-profit centers, and in private practice. Although experienced in working with a diverse population across all age groups, Heather’s remains the most passionate in working with adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety disorders, panic disorder, unresolved trauma and PTSD, and depressive disorders. Heather’s other specialties include low self-esteem, perfectionism, co-dependency, boundary and relational issues, adult children of alcoholics and addicts, and individuals diagnosed with HIV.

Heather’s clients often describe her as being warm, empowering, patient, non-judgmental, and positive. Heather believes in embodying a clinical style that is motivating, supportive, solution-oriented, tailored to meet the individual needs of her clients, and welcomes vulnerability. Heather also firmly believes that it’s her duty to provide her clients with the most evidenced-based and progressive therapy approaches that are available.


From Heather:

Are you interested in reaching your full potential and seeking solutions for a better tomorrow? With the use of EMDR, you can neutralize the past, eradicate unwanted symptoms such as anxiety and depression, increase self-esteem, and create the life you want. For the last ten years, I have successfully shifted clients who reported not feeling a benefit with traditional talk therapy. I am progressive in the therapy approaches I utilize and am partial to modalities that are evidence-based and well researched, such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM), and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Imagine what your life will look like when your past is no longer your present. Image the potential of your life once you are free of limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, and are free to create a life full of confidence and calm. With evolving therapy approaches, that is now possible. Being clear of your past and reclaiming your life is now a possibility.

I offer a free 15-30 minute phone consult so we can ensure we are a good fit prior to meeting. So please feel free to reach out because….You Matter and I Care. 💜



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