Tips for Coping with Social Isolation

Tips for Coping with Social Isolation Humans are social creatures and we don’t do well in isolation. It is not natural for us to isolate so I  decided to share tips for coping with social isolation.  That’s exactly why state penitentiaries punish prisoners by putting them into solitary confinement. It causes them great mental anguish. Many of us have felt like prisoners in solitary confinement over the last couple of months because of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. And many of us have been feeling our own mental anguish from this extended isolation. Who knows how long this may… Continue Reading This Article

Is Telehealth the Future of Therapy?

Is Telehealth the Future of Therapy? As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many therapists have had to quickly pivot and offer their clients online sessions in an effort to help them to continue to make progress while at the same time abide by the social distancing guidelines to flatten the curve.  Everyone is asking: Is Telehealth the Future of Therapy? While it seems our country and the rest of the world are slowly opening back up, many of us have learned something very important during this crisis: telehealth offers clients something very valuable, and that is therapy on THEIR… Continue Reading This Article

Mental Health Tips on How to Cope With the Covid-19 Pandemic

Amanda Patterson was interviewed by The CW South Florida on her tips on how to cope with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Check out the full interview by clicking on the link below: Amanda shares tips for parents that they can use in order to manage their emotions about COVID-19.  Parents are overwhelmed and not sure how to manage their emotions.  Children are in school, at home, and that is a lot of everyone involved.  It’s important to manage your expectations of yourself and your children.  You can learn ways to cope With the Covid-19 Pandemic. No one needs to be… Continue Reading This Article

I Have a Boyfriend But I Don’t Love Him

I Have a Boyfriend But I Don’t Love Him – A Relationship Expert Shares Exactly What To Do I Have a Boyfriend But I Don’t Love Him – A Relationship Expert Shares Exactly What To Do     Amanda Patterson, LMHC, CAP, NCC practices in a beautiful and comfortable office in Wellington, Florida.  She is the owner of Caring Therapists of Broward, a 5 star rated private practice in South Florida.  She specializes in helping people learn to manage their depression anxiety through a holistic approach.  She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR and family of origin work to help her… Continue Reading This Article

HALT! Coping without Alcohol During COVID-19

HALT! Coping without Alcohol During COVID-19 By: Stacy Lloyd, LMHC  Coping without alcohol during COVID-19 can be done.  Do a quick google search of alcohol sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, and you will find several articles on the increase of alcohol sales. One article reports alcohol sales raising up to 55% in one week, another one reports a 243% raise in online alcohol sales. A recent Business Insider article reported  “Sales of 3-liter boxes of wine rose by 53%, and 24-packs of increased by 24%. Online alcohol sales for that week were also up, 42% year-on-year.”  You can also find many… Continue Reading This Article

It Is Time to Grieve

It Is Time to Grieve By Paola Gomez, Ph. D. While working on this blogpost, I knew I wanted to write about COVID-19 and Trauma/Grief. I kept going back to the idea of writing about how to cope with this Pandemic experience. I was doing my searching of ideas and resources over the internet and I found a plethora of blogs, self-help advice and lists of coping skills and “how to” this or that in the face of the Coronavirus. What I didn’t find was the idea of not doing anything in particular, and instead giving yourself time and space… Continue Reading This Article

Stress and Anxiety in the Time of Coronavirus

Stress and Anxiety in the Time of Coronavirus By: Rick Cullen, LCSW The outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease is often intimidating, and may cause you to become overwhelmed. Strong emotions can arise. Coping with stress during times like this will make you stronger in dealing with your emotions.  We all react differently to how we respond to stress. In this time of outbreak, how you react often depends on your background, the things that make you different from other people, and what I like to refer to as… Continue Reading This Article

The Benefit of Online Therapy Sessions

The Benefit of Online Therapy Sessions By: Rick Cullen, LCSW We are all in an uncertain time with the Coronavirus [COVID-19] Pandemic, which means it’s more important than ever to evaluate our mental health. Between social distancing and shelter-in-place orders adding to general panic, people might be experiencing more anxiety and depression than usual. When you are feeling isolated and stressed out – like so many of us might be–it might be time to seek a support system.  Online therapy is appropriate for many common mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress management, career and relationship issues. And, it is convenient. For… Continue Reading This Article

Staying Grounded During a Pandemic

Staying Grounded During a Pandemic By: Rick Cullen, LCSW Grounding is keeping oneself in control of personal emotions during a time of chaos. How then can we remain grounded as we live through the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some ideas: Find balance between the chaos, and calm. Go outside, and become more aware of your environment. During your time outdoors, stop; take a deep breath and focus on all the life that is around you. Stay away from the agitation of news cycles that blare at you 24/7. It is not important to stay riveted to cable news, or social… Continue Reading This Article

COVID-19 and Parenting

COVID-19 and Parenting By: Erin McKinney, LCSW What a time to be alive! Not many of us had any idea to prepare for a pandemic within our lifetime, yet here we are. These new changes are creating new tasks and a way of life for us. If you are a parent during this time, whether new or old, you are facing a multitude of different realities that you are lucky enough to be responsible for. You have your own well-being, routine and concerns to navigate through this event, then we add in our littles. Although this is a place of… Continue Reading This Article